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you like me, right now you like me...

[Lead copy absent. In no particular order, a few more Web sites linking here.]

The Gratis Gamer -
Rich Carlson maintains this collection of "free game" links and news snippets. One of many subsites operating under the aegis of game developer Digital Eel.
Illwinter Game Design -
Formerly Bogus Game Design, Illwinter strives to create portable games featuring depth and longevity. Current offerings include Dominions: Priests, Prophets, & Pretenders and Conquest of Elysium II, both playable on Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms.
MobyGames -
A game documentation and review project-in-progress with the lofty aim to meticulously catalog all relevant information about electronic games. Data collection and presentation emphasizes information of interest to hobbyists. Fellow gamers are encouraged to contribute missing details and post ratings for entries already present.
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