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a roguelike by any other name...

Much as we would like to think that Crawl represents the alpha and omega of roguelike gaming, it just isn't so. True appreciation of the genre comes through experimentation with all its forms. To clear a path to the wider world of roguelikes, we offer the following choice selections from the Internet.

Dungeondweller : RLG Development -
Since mid-July 2001 Björn Bergström has kindly sheltered a number of authors interested in issues related to roguelike development. Over time, Björn has encouraged many to contribute articles of relevance to anyone developing his/her own roguelike. Should Crawl spark an interest to create, this site will lead to a few answers and even more ideas.
For the historians in the crowd, Erik Inge Bolsø labors to complete his tome of information about the Roguelike Game phenomenon. Linley Henzell has contributed a few words about Crawl's own beginnings in support of this lofty goal. Stroll around the site a bit and see for yourself how many games have come and gone over the past twenty years.
loonygames : Adventures in ASCII -
An avid CRPG player himself, Jeff Miller offers perspective on several roguelikes. Read interesting tidbits from the developers of notables in the field: Rogue, Moria, Angband, NetHack, and ADOM. Truly one of the more accessible backgrounders available on the Web today.
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