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so crazy it might just work...

Occasionally the process by which a game develops holds more interest than the game itself. The people behind Linley's Dungeon Crawl tend toward public expression of their efforts; one only needs to know where to look. In addition to Usenet postings, the sites collected below permit tracking of Crawl's ongoing development.

Yahoo! : Groups : crawl-dev -
An open, unmoderated email forum to discuss modifications to, and issues arising from, Crawl. Membership (posting privileges) requires valid Yahoo! ID. Message archives are accessible to the public. Founded 7 April 1999.
freshmeat : Dungeon Crawl -
New releases of Crawl are announced on freshmeat, the Web's largest index of Unix and cross-platform software. These announcements coincide with Guus Sliepen's Debian packages and may lag slightly behind initial release dates.
Debian GNU/Linux : Packages : Stable : Games : Crawl -
Crawl is one of many roguelikes belonging to Debian 3.0. Follow bug reports specific to this release. Check the Testing or Unstable listings for more recent Crawl packages.
Sliepen's Linux Cluster : Public FTP : Crawl Packages -
Guus Sliepen kindly offers files for use with Debian packaging tools. Recent Crawl beta releases are available through his anonymous FTP service. [There are no immediate plans to mirror locally the contents of Guus' site.]
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