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a cottage industry in the making...

Now and again, someone comes to enjoy Crawl but finds room for improvement. There's always room. Before you know it, he or she has assembled information, taken screenshots, and put together a Web site. Should only a few more like-minded souls appear...

A.A.D.C. -
Mark Mackey's primary contribution to the Crawl community: a growing collection of hints and spoilers to the game. Be warned that some of the information revealed may ruin the true Crawl experience, that of prowling dungeon corridors with little knowledge of the underlying rule system. Mark does well in labeling the degree of spoilage that comes with each tip, and his hints offer fine support to existing game documentation.
13 Steps To Crawl -
An entertaining introduction to game mechanics written by Leonard Crawley from the perspective of Tor, a versatile everyman. Although Tor meets an untimely end on Step Twelve, plentiful screenshots and tips should walk newcomers through Crawl basics. Tor's passing was unfortunate; I guess he served his purpose well.
Crawl Hall of Fame -
Awaiting submission of your favorite characters, this page holds the promise of recording demise in all its forms. Instructions for adding adventurers to the list are provided on-site. Cislyn Smith needs help launching the project, why not lend a hand?
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