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about this Web site...

Launched December 1999, this Web site continues to promote Linley's Dungeon Crawl in (more or less) glorious greyscale. The inspiration for this undertaking was the author's then thorough participation in the game's development. Although regular code contributions are likely long past, the author has dedicated himself to documenting Crawl for others to enjoy.

Despite long ownership of the domain, true Web production began February 2002.

Web documents are crafted manually, channeled through TextPad and, occasionally, VIM. Document delivery relies upon a custom site management solution coded in PHP, handled by Apache, and hosted with Pair Networks. What graphics there are were produced in Photoshop and further optimized with PNGcrush as the need arose. On occasion, various O'Reilly publications were consulted.

More often than not, fluffernutters fueled late night Web production.

Site design is consciously and rigorously minimal in its presentation. Pan-browser acceptance, bandwidth utilization, and Web usability have all informed its construction. Although Jakob Nielsen's wheedling, W3C standards, and WaSP advocacy could be claimed as influences, the author consistently falls short of their expectations.

The author would like to credit Matt, maintainer of, for prompting the summary before you. He may never be forgiven for registering that particular domain, though.

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